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Top 10 Funny Interesting Facts About Giraffe Giraffe Facts
Published By tnvrstar on 2011-10-22 3492 Views

In this article i am going to share some wonderful facts about Giraffe. Giraffe is a very interesting animal and is very well known because of it height. But do you know the following facts? check it out


1. Giraffe doesn't have any vocal chord unlike other animals. But in research it is found that they do have vocal chords but can not make any sound. It communicates by waving it's tail.

2. Giraffe and human has the same number of neck bone. Both giraffe and human has 7 bones in their neck. The only difference is giraffe's bones are much longer.

3. Who will win if a Giraffe and lion start fighting? Are you thinking that a lion will win? A lion won't dare to start a fight against a giraffe alone. A giraffe Can crush a lion by it's long leg. Lion and giraffe has a very bad relation and both of them stays away from another.

4. Giraffe walks differently than most other animals. It walks by stepping forward both Right leg and both left leg instead of alternating them.

5. Giraffe has very long tongue which can be as long as 19 inch. The tip of the tongue is blue and black to prevent it from sunburn.


6. Giraffe has a very large heart. It because it need very high blood pressure. The weight of the heart is around 26lbs.

7. Giraffe is the longest land animal on earth right at the moment. It can be more than 18 feet in length. The Calves of a Giraffe is about 6 feet tall at birth. It also has the longest tail.


8. Giraffe need about 36 Kg of food Each day to survive. It doesn't eat all the leaves of a tree because when a Giraffe starts eating leaves some trees extract a gas (i don't know exact name of that) which forces the giraffe to choose another tree.


9. The average life span of giraffe is between 25 to 30 years on an average.

10. Every Giraffe has a unique body spot of it's own like every human has their own finger prints.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these interesting facts. :)


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