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Top List of Website to Earn Money Online for Page Impression Without any Adsense or Advertising Network
Published By tnvrstar on 2011-10-21 1422 Views

In this article I am going to give you the top list of all site where you can earn money to your paypal, moneybooker, alertpay etc account without any advertising network. All you need to do is to open an account and start writing original content. Share your articles and start earning money.


If you are looking for earning money without any affiliate account then you are in the right place. Yes you can earn a lot of money passively . But you should have a decent writing skills with lots of unique Idea. I do not have good writing skills but I do have Good Ideas to get decent traffic. If you are able to write unique and interesting article then you will definitely earn money. At the beginning you won't see any progress. You should not look at your earnings first, rather you should look for creating good articles. When you establish yourself you will continuously earn even you stop writing more articles.

There are many revenue sharing website which will give you the opportunity to earn in 2 ways. Either you can use a revenue sharing website where you can integrate your affiliate ID to get share the revenue through your affiliate account. Or you can earn money directly from the site for page impressions. The leading advertising network is Google adsense. You can earn a bit more money if you have got an adsense account. But recently earning money with adsense has become difficult because many people getting banned and they are not approving application from the countries which has been listed in their fraudulent list. So, those who are struggling to get an adsense account or got banned from adsense they can use the following sites to ean money to their paypal,alertpay,moneybookers etc account.


The list of the sites:

1. Triond: Triond is one of the most lucrative site where you can submit different kinds of article. The site has got many sub-site , where they will post your articles according to the category. The article you post must be original.

You can earn around 1.5 dollars for each 1000 impressions. You can get your payments by paypal,check or by western union money transfer. Triond will send you payment on 10th of every month via Paypal if you have earned more than 50 cents only. So what are you waiting for Join Triond :)

2. Experts column: Experts column is another site like Triond where you can submit column (articles). The best thing about experts column is that , you can post the articles you own from other site again to experts column, to earn additional income. But make sure that both of the site has similar username (author name). For example , I write in triond and my username is Tnvrstar. I have to write a new articles in triond. Then I can re-post the same article in experts column , where my username is "Tnvrstar" too. In this way I can earn money from both of the sites. Experts column will pay according to the sites overall earning. If the site earns earn much then they will pay more. The minimum payout requirement is 5 dollars. So, Join experts column even you are a writer of triond or any other revenue sharing site

3. Squidoo: Squidoo is another good writing site where you can earn money for writing Lenses (long articles). You will also earn in a similar way like the above mentioned sites.


4. Helium: Helium is another good writing sites where you can make money by writing good articles. You will earn if your articles are ranked well in search engine and brings profit for the site. It has got a good community of good writers. I recommend helium if you

Do you know you can also earn money by social networking? Redgage is a site where you can earn money for sharing links, photos, blogs (articles), videos , documents etc. The site is a good source of back links to get additional impression to your articles. You can submit the link of your articles in Redgage and can earn money from both redgage and the article where the traffic is delivered. If you are good in photography then redgage will be excellent for You. Everyday Redgage features some of the Good photos published by the users. If your photos, links, blogs are featured then you will get a bonus of 3-5 dollars. You will earn around 1 dollar for each 1000 impressions to your contents. Join redgage.com

I hope the article will help you to earn money online passively. 

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